YOUR success and happiness is mine too!

I understand the process of building new lifestyle habits can be tough and sometimes we fail. Everyone does! Life happens and you will mess up.  The key is to get back at it. My goal is to help you incorporate positive habits so that it becomes a part of who you are and your daily routine. That is when you know you can keep the lifestyle forever and learn to love it!  It will make you feel so good you will never want to go back!   YOU can be the one inspiring and helping others.

Functional Medicine

I am currently studying to become certified in functional medicine. I am committed to excellence, absolutely love learning and improving skills so I can help others to the best of my ability.   Functional medicine is finding the root cause of disease that can impair immune function, digestion, and overall health. Instead of treating symptoms, you treat the underlying cause with lifestyle factors .  Everything in the body and overall life experience is interconnected. Lifestyle habits are the primary determinant of long term health and vitality. I am very proud to be in functional medicine, a science-based, personalized assessment of factors that restores health, improves function and optimizes health.


Nutrition is very important and one of biggest lifestyle changes you may need to make. The gastrointestinal system is the key to your health. It is home to your immune system and there is a strong connection to your brain. Food is our fuel and you need to fuel your body to perform. The food we consume makes us who we are and and we are all unique in what works for us.  I will provide you with guidance and can support you to determine the best option.  I can assist you with what is optimal for you, but I do prefer low carb, keto, paleo, or carnivore.  I love time-restricted eating and intermittent fasting and believe in the power of the Circadian rhythm.  Insulin resistance is something important to look at as it leads to many health issues. It is estimated that 88% of Americans suffer from poor metabolic health and most don't even realize it. I encourage simple, quality food, very low sugar, low carb, high protein, and definitely not processed food.  There are three macronutrients, protein, fat and carbs we will talk about. I believe that you should not fear dietary fat. I will help you find your nutritional balance, review your health risks and what we can do for preventative care.


Exercise not only changes your body, but changes your mind, mood and attitude.  Weight training is key to changing your body composition and building muscle is very important for our overall health. You can do  body weight exercises to begin. I will guide you on how to start lifting weights and will make it fun.   By gaining muscle, you will be able to rebuild the body you had in your youth, you will prevent injury, gain balance and coordination, keep your bones strong, burn more calories, decrease your risk of diabetes,  reverse  signs of aging and look amazing in whatever you wear!   As we age we lose muscle, and muscle is the key to longevity. Building muscle is the closest thing we have to the "fountain of youth!"   Walking is also a great place to start and most everyone can do it.   Movement creates an electrical charge in the body and allows for greater energy production, better clearing of metabolites, decreases stress, and will mentally as well as physically give you more energy.   Find an activity you enjoy and build it into  your daily life, a habit just like brushing your teeth. You must move your body daily for physical as well as mental benefits.  Our bodies are made to move!  

Limiting Stress and Getting Quality Sleep

Controlling stress is important as chronic stress can cause disease and rapid aging.  High quality sleep is vital to wellness and healing and is so important to our overall health.  Going to bed around the same time daily and having a calming bedtime routine and consistent wake up schedule will help your sleep too. Substances in our environment can cause hormonal changes & inflammation leading to disease.  We must get outside, enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and get back to nature. It is ideal to get out of the "artificial environment" and go outside daily, even if it's just a few minutes. Invest a few minutes every morning and night outside to view the sun as it rises and sets. Your body will begin to understand when its time to wake, and when its time to sleep, allowing your energy to soar!  Positive relationships are associated with lower risk of physical diseases, decreased inflammation, and blood pressure. We must BELIEVE in ourselves and convince our mind that we can do it. Positive vibes are contagious and will lead to fabulous outcomes!  All of these things lead to HAPPINESS, vitality and health and that is ultimately what I want for you!

This is a wellness program that will work for you.  I know you can do it!

I would be honored to help you become a stronger, healthier, more vibrant and confident version of yourself.  You deserve to feel spectacular! I will educate, inspire and empower you to be your very best!

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