“Brenda is very motivating and encouraging every week. Speakers at the meetings are fabulous. Whole program is a WIN!”
“Brenda and her Better Living Program has probably saved my life.  I haven’t lost enough to change medical issues completely but when I started the program I was hopeless and depressed.  I had tried so many weight loss things before Covid started and I just felt stuck in a depressive slump.  This program and everything she taught us has helped me to eat healthier and feel better.  I feel that without this program, I may not be here today still living.  The program gave me the glimmer of hope that I can do this and that was the hope I’ve been lacking for so long.  Then I worked out at Activ8 Fitness with Brenda and other Methodist Better Living members and it was the most uplifting thing I’ve done.  The love and support from the group is so amazing.  I’ve been able to lose enough inches to fit into a pair of jeans and feel comfortable in them.  I haven’t worn jeans in over a year!  Brenda is a life-saver and does an amazing job!”
- Paula Leibrandt
“This program has been the MOST AMAZING experience I’ve ever had!  The foundation you have built in the 16 weeks is so strong. I am confident that through the follow up groups may success will continue.  Knowing that you will continue to be there anytime I need you is so reassuring.  Thank you for everything!”
“It was a great program!  Just what I needed to help motivate me in my weight loss journey.  I definitely feel more confident about my healthy decisions and am aware of more resources in the community now.  I plan to keep exercising frequently and continue to choose healthy options.  I’ve already signed up for my first 5K in July!“  
“This program is very motivational.  Brenda is such a positive energetic person so she is the perfect person to lead this group.  The support and hearing what other members of the group shared was a big help. I have a hard time planning my meals but this helped me.  Thank you!”

“Loved the awesome encouragement and support.  I liked the fact that it was never about a “diet” but about health!  So encouraging and so many awesome suggestions.”
Practicing at:
New Leaf Wellness
444 Regency Parkway Drive, Suite 104
Omaha, NE
13205 F ST, OMAHA, NE 68137